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What to do in Livigno

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Shopping in Livigno

A holiday in Livigno is ideal for lovers of shopping, thanks to the many duty free shops in the Valtellina area. Prices are reasonable, but the atmosphere is relaxed.

There are discounts in clothes, perfume and jewelry
It’s easy to save money in Livigno: there are some 250 shops where smartphones, jewelry, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, perfumes, clothes and accessories aren’t subject to VAT, although the allowance does limit the the number of items that can be bought.

Things to do in Livigno in summer

If you want to enjoy outdoor activities in Livigno, then in this little “Italian Tibet” spring temperatures are guaranteed even during the hottest summer months. That’s why a holiday in Livigno is recommended for people who want to keep fit, even when the sun is beating down, and who want to enjoy numerous outdoor activities in the enchanting mountains that surround this marvellous place.


There are over 150 selected trails, including 900 miles (1500 kilometres) of paths that have been used by farmers and shepherds since time immemorial. These trails have been renovated and equipped with signs to enable hikers to walk in complete safety.



Summer holidays in Livigno are also popular with lovers of downhill biking. The Mottolino BikePark, with 12 trails served by a cable car and divided according to levels of difficulty, is a must.

Nordik Walking


This is the new way of walking! In order to try Nordic walking, all you need is a pair of special carbon fibre poles. It’s an ideal sport both for expert hikers and for beginners, who can take part in special courses. Finding paths in Livigno that are suitable for Nordic walking in Livigno is child’s play, thanks to the large size of the valley. Beginners are advised to start by walking along bike lane.

Mountain Bike


To spend time in Livigno in summer without going mountain biking would be a crime! This little “Italian Tibet” offers fans of the sport three different types of trail, with varying levels of difficulty:
– XC: Cross Country. These trails are suitable for everyone because they aren’t too demanding, either from a technical or a physical point of view.
– AM: All Mountain. These trails are for intermediate users. This is because parts of the course require a certain degree of experience.
– EN: Endurance. These routes are more technical and are reserved for bolder and more expert bikers.

The more famous trails include the Cancano Lakes, the tour of the two valleys (Val Federia and Val delle Mine) and the Stelvio Pass. They are perfect for a journey on two wheels that follows the trails of the past.

Things to do in Livigno in winter

Skiing, ice climbing, telemark skiing, snowmobiling: lovers of winter sports are spoilt for choice. There are 75 miles (115 kilometres) of slopes which range from 1,800 to 2,900 metres in altitude, including the peaks of Mottolino, which is generally considered Italy’s best snowpark, and the Carosello Park, with the exclusive Boarder Zoo.

Nordic skiing


19 miles (30 kilometres) of trails are available for lovers of “thinner skis.” They are divided according to level: easy, intermediate and advanced.

Telemark skiing


Rediscover the origins of skiing, and dart through the snow with a “free heel.”
This primordial technique is proving increasingly successful, to the extent that every year fans from all over the world gather for the International Telemark Festival

Fat bike


Cycling without difficulty over snow-covered tracks? This dream is now a reality, thanks to Fat Bikes, bikes with extra thick tyres that offer great levels of stability. This, combined with the tyres’ low pressure, will enable you to pedal without problems along snow-covered roads.


rider:Sebastien Toutant trick: location:Snowpark Nz

The numerous Snowparks and more than 65 miles (100 kilometres) of ski slopes make Livigno the ideal destination for lovers of snowboarding.

The difference in altitude over a long distance means that this a great place for snowboarding, and the trails feature half pipes, borders, cross rails and funboxes.